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May 21, 2019

Thank You!

Just want to thank everyone who sent me a birthday wish today (I can't believe any of my readers even remembered!).  I appreciate you thinking of me! I didn't go to work today so I can enjoy the day :)) Thanks again!! -Tom

May 16, 2019

Dakota :-)

This is Dakota at roughly two years old at a dog park he loved to visit.  Dakota was my daughter's birthday present when she turned five. He was only weeks old when we got him and he looked like a tiny teddy adorable :))  Dakota was a great dog. He had the calmest temperament, he was affectionate, loyal, and obedient. If you have the chance, look up Great Pyrenees online and read about them. They were bred to guard livestock from predators so, when you think about it, they like helping others. That's a good thing. As Dakota got older, his hips began giving him problems (which is common in big dog breeds). After many months of trying to improve his condition through different methods, Dakota had to be put to rest :-( That was one of the worst days of my life. My daughter, to this day, gets teary eyed when she looks at a photo of him. Even though it was painful in the end, the many awesome years with Dakota made it all worthwhile :)))))))))))

May 13, 2019

In Color!

The above is the color version of the May 6th post. Send me a message and tell me what you think. Crazy busy day at work today, but productive. It sure is good to be home :)) I think I'll catch up on some Game of Thrones episodes tonight. Not a bad way to relax and spend an evening. Enjoy! -Tom

May 11, 2019


Here's a black & white before it is colored. Lol...Bunny! I know some people who can't pass up a sale either, even if they have little or no use for what is being bought. I guess whatever makes you happy :)) Enjoy the weekend, everyone! -Tom

May 06, 2019

In Black & White...

Here's another one in black & white before it is colored. Today is a gorgeous day in Connecticut! Spring is definitely here (finally). Last week we had rain almost every day and it was chilly. Today makes up for all the bad weather :))  I had to leave the office early today to finalize a lease deal about 45 minutes from where I work. So, I was able to open my sunroof and enjoy the ride! Btw, I got the deal done ;-)  While I was driving, I saw a boat for sale. "Hmm, a boat," I thought. "That would be so cool owning one." I live on the shoreline, so I am minutes from the water. Cruising around Long Island Sound would be awesome. Hey, if I do buy one, I will have to give it a name, right? Maybe I'll call it "Dust Specks." Send me a message with your suggestions (keep it!). -Tom

May 03, 2019

Here It Is....

Just received the March 25th post in color. I hope you like it! Enjoy the weekend, everyone. I know I will :)) -Tom

May 01, 2019

Still Waiting....

I am still waiting for the March 25th cartoon to be colored. In the meantime, I found the above strip that was never posted. Hey, I like fast food now and then too. However, too much of it is, well, poison! Can you name the restaurants associated with the mascots in this cartoon? Send me a message and let me know. -Tom

April 27, 2019

I'm Going To Visit Armani!

I booked a flight in July to visit Armani in North Carolina :)))  Armani's eighteenth birthday is on July 14th and I want to celebrate it with her. I even reserved a Ford Mustang that will be waiting for me at the airport so Armani and I can cruise around in style (I once owned a Mustang and Armani loved it, so she is psyched). Dan, the owner of the firm where I work, is in Costa Rica closing on a vacation home, so he is unaware I will be  taking a few days off. I am sure he won't mind though. I have known Dan a long time and even owned a business with him.  He kinda lets me come and go as I please, especially when it comes to family. When I tell Dan my plans, I am sure he will say, "go for it!" He always does :))

April 25, 2019

How Dusty Got Grey...

When I started having Dust Specks colored (it was originally a black & white cartoon), Dusty was brown. The Dirt characters thought he looked too much like them, so they sprayed him grey. In the end, everyone seemed happy :))

April 23, 2019

Dusty In Grey!

As a follow-up to my April 16th post, here is Dusty in grey. Much better :)) -Tom

April 21, 2019

Happy Easter!

For those who celebrate Easter, have an enjoyable day! That includes you, Pam-Pam :)) I am going to my parents' house as I do every year. My mom cooks a honey baked ham and lots of delicious desserts  (such as her awesome poppy seed cake). I am looking forward to it. Enjoy! -Tom

April 16, 2019

While You Wait...

Any day, I should be getting the color version of the black & white I posted on March 25th. Until then, here is one I never showed you guys. Send me a message and let me know what you think :)) -Tom  4/17/19 Update:  This is an old cartoon and I just realized Dusty is colored brown (the color he was originally until he was changed to grey). I will have my colorizer make him grey and re-post this strip once it is finished.  Stay tuned...-Tom

April 13, 2019

Just Got Back From Fishing....

Today was Opening Day for fresh water fishing in Connecticut. When I was growing up, I would go every Opening Day with my dad, but I haven't gone in years. If you recall, I went camping last fall in the middle of the woods (yes, it was spooky!).  At that time, I bought a fishing pole and some lures because the campground had  a place to fish. While recently looking at the gear I bought, I got the urge to purchase a fishing license for the 2019 season. Opening Day is typically packed with people. This morning, however, rain kept most anglers home. I even hesitated going when I woke up, but I left my house at 6:00am with pole and tackle in hand, grabbed breakfast at Dunkin Donuts, fed the birds at the local beach (as I do daily), and made my way to a stream recommended by someone in town. Did I say it was raining?  More like POURING!  I didn't let that stop me though.  I hiked down a not-so-clear trail to an area that has a deep river pool. Within minutes, I caught a rainbow trout. Nice size and beautiful colors.  Don't worry, I released him :))  I stayed for a while and then tried another spot up the road. No luck after the first catch, but it was enjoyable nonetheless.  Brought back childhood memories. I'll definitely be going again soon. -Tom