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July 15, 2018

A Message To Pam-Pam...

Hi, Pam-Pam :)) First, I don't think you and I would argue like the characters in the cartoon and I don't think you would dump a bowl of food on my head (or would you?). The reason I thought of you after I created this one is because of the closing line, "communication is key,"  which relates to us. A simple "hello" from you would open-up a whole new world. Also, I guarantee the concerns you have would never amount to anything; I am certain of this! Under my picture on the left, you should send me a message. It's private, so no one will ever know. If you do write and you don't promptly hear back from me, that could mean the message didn't go through. Therefore, you can also write me at Let's begin corresponding, Pam-Pam. We both have a lot to gain and nothing to lose. xoxotommy

July 14, 2018

Happy Birthday, Armani!

My little girl turned 17 today! It is truly amazing how fast she is growing up. I love you, Armani! I hope you have the best birthday ever :))

July 10, 2018

I feel For Them!

Do people even use screen savers anymore? Regardless, it must suck being a dust speck plastered to a computer screen like the one in this cartoon.Yikes! Kinda like how I felt stuck in the hospital for three freakin' days hooked-up to an IV. By the way, thanks for all your emails wishing me a speedy recover.  I feel a lot better even though I am still on antibiotics and get tired throughout the day (I typically have lots of energy!). As the saying goes, "this too shall pass" and I will be myself in no time. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the cartoon and check back soon :))

July 06, 2018

Just Got Back From The Hospital...

Home sweet home! Three nights in the hospital and finally they released me. I am relieved I didn't need surgery to address the abscess. The doctors assigned to me decided administering antibiotics intravenously was the best option and it appears they were right. I am so happy, I could twerk like the old lady in the cartoon!  Relax, I won't; I don't want to scare away my readers :))

July 04, 2018

Back In The Hospital :((

Hi, Everyone. Earlier this week, my side began hurting again and I had to go to the hospital. I developed an abscess where I recently had surgery that is being addressed. I am not sure when the hospital will release me, so I decided to update you from my IPhone. I planned to post a “Happy 4th of July” cartoon today, but can’t from here (sorry). Great way to spend a holiday! One of the worst parts of this is I have been unable to eat or drink for over 24 hours; I hope that changes today. I will be in touch. -Tom

July 01, 2018

Going To My Parent's House On The 4th!

The above pic is where I will be spending my 4th of July; at my parent's house! My dad built the house with the help of family many years ago and it was a nice place to be raised as a child. I love the 4th of July, or as we also say in America, "Independence Day." It's a celebration of when the United States declared its independence from the British Empire. The get together at my parent's will be small, but when I was a kid, lots of people came over. We had an awesome cookout in the backyard, played horseshoes, boccie,  and sometimes badminton. At night, we would shoot-off fireworks which was a great way to end the day. This week, I only have to work tomorrow and a half day on Tuesday. After that, I am done!  I can't wait to simply relax :))

June 26, 2018

What's The Point, Dusty?

I learned a long time ago in business to "know your audience" when communicating. Did Dusty really think Storm was going to connect in any way to what he was saying? Regarding Dusty's thoughts, I will leave it up to you to draw your own conclusions :))

June 24, 2018

A Message To Pam-Pam...

Hi Pam-Pam! Whether you are actually reading this or if my positive vibe is reaching you somehow, I love writing to you. After all this time, I still think the world of you and miss you very much.  When we used to communicate, our dialog made me feel alive, so I hope you reach out to me soon. Anyway, it's a boring afternoon here in Connecticut and I was wondering if you would like to go to the beach with me to liven it up!  Not far from my house, is the beach you see in the photo. It's called Branford Point and the body of water it is situated on is Long Island Sound. We can soak in the sun, grab a bite to eat (there is a lawn area with picnic benches where we can have lunch), and then maybe go for a long walk together. There is also a fireworks display that happens here once a year that lots of people attend.  Many boats come in the area to watch the show and I would love to take you. The show got rained out last night, so when it is rescheduled, we can go :)) So what time are you going to stop by? Let me know....xoxoxotommy

June 22, 2018

Be Careful Out There....

Similar to our world, shady characters exist in the land of Dust Specks too. I am reminded of a property I recently went to that our firm manages in a not so great area. We also manage properties in high end locations, but this property isn't in one of them. Every time I go there, I have to watch my back.  I can handle myself if trouble presents itself, but avoidance is typically the best option. You did good, Dusty, by just walking away :))

June 19, 2018

Bunny's Lips - The Conclusion

Dusty can't resist a good comeback.  By the looks of Bunny's reaction, she wasn't amused at all. Even though Bunny said she would poison his food (which is a bit extreme), Dusty should have never popped her lips. I said this before, but Dusty really needs to work on his courtship skills. If he doesn't soon, he'll never capture Bunny's heart and she will simply move on. As the saying goes, there are a lot more fish in the sea....

June 16, 2018

Bunny's Lips - Part 3

I really should have a talk with Dusty. He obviously loves Bunny, but his approach, well, needs a lot of work (just like the poem I wrote to Pam-Pam needs a rewrite...see below). There is one more cartoon to this story line, so make sure you come back to see the conclusion. I can tell you one thing; I highly doubt Bunny is ever going to thank Dusty for popping her lips (what was he thinking?!).