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September 17, 2018

What A Mouth!

As a follow-up to my last post, I actually had fun camping in the woods on Friday and I didn't get attacked by a bear! I even did a little fishing on Saturday morning which, even though I didn't catch anything, was enjoyable and relaxing. All and all a positive experience. :))

September 15, 2018

Right Now....

....I’m inside a camper in the middle of the woods. Yes, you heard right. A contractor who works for us ask me if  I wanted to go to his campground. I thought it would be cool sleeping in the woods for the night, so I accepted his invitation. Well, it’s past midnight and here I am alone in a camper in the middle of the woods. It’s kinda cool, but it’s also kinda freaky. Every now and then, I hear an owl hoot outside. That’s kinda cool. But then, I’m lying here wondering “what other animals are out there?” That’s kinda freaky.  If a bear ends up in my camper, I’m going to have a heart attack! Omg, what the heck am I doing here?!  I want my cozy bed back home! Help me! Help!!  -Tom

September 13, 2018


Hi everyone! Sorry for not posting anything recently. I have been running around doing a bunch of different things (like attending my cousin's wedding :)) The next cartoon is being colorized, so make sure you check back soon. See ya! -Tom

September 08, 2018

Oh My!

Ah, the teenage years. Peer pressure, social media, and a pimple now and then.  Don't get me wrong, there are lots of good times during those years too, but struggles still exist. As a dad, I am right by my daughter's side every step of the way. It can be challenging, but no matter what, I will help her overcome any obstacles to ensure she ultimately leads a happy and productive life. :))

September 05, 2018

I Love The Far Side!

One of my favorite cartoons of all time is The Far Side by Gary Larson. The above is a tribute to Gary's work. I hope you like it :))

September 01, 2018

A Message To Pam-Pam...

Hopefully, you are reading this, you Wacky Banana! Have a Happy and Happy and Happy Birthday!!! May all your wishes come true. :)) xoxoxoxotommy

August 29, 2018

Here It Is!

Bitsy is always getting poor Teenie in a jam.  Although, I guess there are worse things they could have gotten stuck on :))

August 26, 2018

I'm Back!

I had a great time in Chicago visiting my best friend, Dave. We went to some cool bars (like the one in the pic), met up with his son who has an awesome apartment in the city, and had lots of excellent food. I also connected with a literary agent about my children's book who is going to give representation some thought :)) The four days I was there went so fast and I am looking forward to going back! By the way, I should be posting the next cartoon soon, so keep your eyes pealed. See ya'! -Tom

August 21, 2018

Here It Is!

My colorizer, Christina, finished the black and white cartoon I posted on August 9th.  I think she did a nice job (as always). Oh, as I mentioned on July 27th, I am going to Chicago to visit my best friend Dave. I am leaving this Thursday and returning on Sunday.  I can't wait!  BTW, if there are any thieves out there reading this, there will be someone watching my home while I am gone, so don't even think about breaking in when I am away. Ha!!  Finally, I will be checking emails from my IPhone and will respond to your messages as soon as I can.  Talk to you soon :))

August 18, 2018


The above is a tattoo on my chest that means "perseverance." Just a reminder that when life gets tough, it is important to keep things in perspective and never give up on your aspirations and dreams. And those are my inspirational thoughts for the day :))

August 15, 2018

While You Wait (still)...

My last cartoon poked fun at Hillary, so here's one directed at Donald.  Remember the song "Gettin' Jiggy Wit It" by Will Smith? If not, the punchline in this cartoon won't make sense to!  Here's a link to the song in case you haven't heard it:  Oh, the August 9th cartoon is still being colored.  It should be posted soon, so check back. See ya'! -Tom

August 12, 2018

While You Wait...

The last cartoon I posted is still being colored, so in the meantime, I decided to post another one for you. I was just at my parent's house and we started talking about the presidential election that took place a few years ago in the US. Made me think of this cartoon. Sorry, Hillary :))

August 09, 2018

Before You See This In Color...

I thought you might like to have a look at this cartoon before it is colorized. Terrice did a nice job with the illustration and I can't wait to see how my colorizer (Christina) finishes things up. Once she sends me the final version, I will post it pronto! Stay tuned :))
Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined.
– Henry David Thoreau