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November 20, 2018

Done For The Week!

Yep, no work for me until Monday! In the United States, Thanksgiving is on Thursday (which most  people get off). The owner of our company gave us Wednesday and Friday off too :)) So, I get to chill for five days in a row! My daughter Armani and I always go to my cousin Gina's on Thanksgiving. This year, however, Armani is going to her boyfriend's house. I understand, but she will be missed.  Also, my cousin Billy and his wife can't make it either. They live in Florida which isn't a long flight, but it would be hectic for them considering they were recently up this way for their wedding. So, even though there will be some people absent, the day will still be enjoyable. I can't wait to see my cousin Adam's daughter (she just turned two in October); what a cutie! Oh, I should be getting the next cartoon back from my colorizer soon, so stayed tuned. Talk to you soon....-Tom

November 17, 2018

Another "Movie" Related Cartoon...

Ok, I admit, this one is a little However, it does show that Dust Specks have to be careful where they settle. For those who never saw The Godfather, here is a link to the scene this cartoon is referencing:
"Leave the gun. Take the cannoli." Classic movie line :))

November 12, 2018

A Message To Pam-Pam...

Hi Pam-Pam! How is it going? I hope all is well. The purpose of this message is to put a smile on your face :)) What better way than to tell a few jokes?  So, without further delay, here are three for you: 1. Question: Can a kangaroo jump higher than a house?  Answer:  Of course, a house can't jump at all!     2. My dog used to chase people on a bike a lot. It got so bad, I finally had to take his bike away! 3. Doctor says: Hello, did you come to me with an eye problem? Patient replies: Yes! How did you know? Doctor responds: Because you came in through the window instead of the door! That's all for now, Pam-Pam. I hope I made your day a little brighter :))

November 09, 2018

Intense Movie....

I guess Storm never saw the movie "Taxi Driver." Here is a link to the scene depicted in the first panel  of the cartoon:
Robert De Niro is such a good actor :))

November 06, 2018


I understand where you are coming from, Bunny. I never understood that saying either!

October 29, 2018

A Message To Pam-Pam...

Hi Pam-Pam! How are you? I hope you are reading this message because I want you to know I think of you often and I hope all is well. You still mean the world to me....always have, always will. Hey, I am about to get something to eat. Want to join me?  I am going to get Chinese food tonight. If you are in the mood for something else, that's fine by can choose (maybe some Ciorba?). We can bring our meal home and watch a movie while we are eating. Halloween is this week.  Do you like horror movies? Ok, it's a date. We'll get some food and watch a scary movie together. What time are you coming over? Soon I hope. I can't wait to see you Pam-Pam. You always put a big smile on my face :)))

October 27, 2018

Check It Out...

Before I go to work, I usually have breakfast by a beach close to where I live. At this time of year, the sunrises there are awesome. I took this picture with my cellphone and thought you may like to see it. Have a great day :))

October 23, 2018

The Color Version Is Here!

Recently, I posted a black & white of this cartoon while you waited for it to be colored. I think my colorizer (Christina) did a nice job :))  Hey, in case you missed it, I gave out my cellphone number so my readers would have an alternative way to contact me. I wasn't sure if that was a mistake, but it actually is working out well. I am always looking to improve my cartoon, so your thoughts are appreciated. Once again, my cellphone number is 203 952-5977. I hope to hear from you soon :-)

October 21, 2018

Still Waiting....

My colorizer, Christina, has been busy with other obligations, so she hasn't been able to color the black & white cartoon I posted on October 13th.  Once received, I will post it pronto! In the meantime, I hope you enjoy the above cartoon.  Even the Dirt characters have a soft side :)) By the way, giving out my cellphone number as I did on October 16th wasn't a bad idea after all. I was worried I would get contacted in the middle of the night, but I haven't (thank you!). It has been nice hearing from my loyal readers. Keep the calls, texts, and emails coming! Your thoughts mean a lot to me. -Tom

October 16, 2018

I Must Be Crazy!

I am posting my cellphone number here for you to call or text your comments and/or suggestions. I truly care what you think, so I thought communication via cellphone may be easier for some people.  As you may recall, I live in Connecticut which is in the same timezone as NYC. Make sure you check the time difference from where you are located so I don't get contacted in the middle of the night! Ok, here it goes (am I nuts for doing this?!): My cellphone number is 203 952-5977. I hope to hear from you soon! -Tom

October 13, 2018

Before It Is Colored...

Seeing that I won't get the color version of this cartoon until next week, I thought you would like to check it out in black & white first. This cartoon is a follow-up to the one I posted on October 10th. Hey, the Sand characters got what they wanted (and deserved!). -Tom

October 11, 2018

Cough. Cough!!

Let me tell you something about myself. I can deal with a lot of things; I can handle the stresses of work; I can face the challenges of parenting; I can even step into the dojo where I practice karate and fight anyone. However, when I get a cold, I become the biggest baby around! I mean it. I hate every stage of a cold.  First comes the dreaded scratchy throat (ugh!!!). Then the stuffed-up nose with the sinus pressure and hacking cough (oh, no!!!). Finally, everything begins to break-up and drain, but the feeling of being in a thick fog prevails (where am I??!). Good thing for me I am at the final stage of this hell, so the end is near. But for the last week, I wish I was in a ring fighting a 230 pound opponent instead of facing the cold I have been up against.  Like I said, I am the biggest baby around when I am under the weather, so your "get well" emails would be appreciated :)) Oh, I almost forgot; my colorizer (Christina) is super busy at work, so she won't have the next cartoon finished for about a week. I may post some other things before then, but the cartoon which is a follow-up to the last one won't be seen for a few days. Until then...cough, cough....time for some chicken soup. -Tom

October 10, 2018

Oh, Really?!

Don't the Sand characters know you get more bees with honey? So, they want to be in another cartoon? Stay tuned for my next post...they will get their wish :))