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March 21, 2019

Before It Is Colored...

This one is for those who like to see the cartoons before they are colored. Ciao! -Tom

March 17, 2019

Armani Moved!

Armani decided to move to North Carolina with her boyfriend to "experience life" on her own. Armani's boyfriend knows people in NC who he went to college with. I am hoping it is a positive experience for her.  Love you, Armani. I am here for you whenever you need me :)) -Papa

March 15, 2019

In Color...

Here is the cartoon I posted on February 27th, but in color. Time to start the weekend! Enjoy! -Tom

March 14, 2019

Hi Everyone!

The black & white cartoon posted on February 27th should be colored soon, so check back often :) Remember, I love getting comments about Dust Specks. You can email me your thoughts at or You can also send me a private message under my photo to the left. If I don't respond to you right away, try me again (it may mean your correspondence got lost in the shuffle). Hope to hear from you! -Tom

March 11, 2019

In Color...

Here is the cartoon I posted on February 18th, but in color. Hope you like it. -Tom

March 07, 2019


My daughter did some modeling the other day. The above was taken at her photo shoot. Just thought I'd share :))

March 04, 2019


I was hoping winter was over, but nope! Last night into the early morning, a good amount of snow fell. I took the above pic of the building where I work when I first got in today. Yes, winter can be picturesque. However, I want spring!! No more cold weather, no more snow, no more freezing rain! I want sun, sun, sun! Spring is only a few weeks' away, so warmer weather is on the horizon. Even though I like the change of seasons in Connecticut, I can see myself moving to a part of the country where it is always warm. Maybe someday :))

March 03, 2019

While You Wait...

As previously mentioned, the person who colors my cartoons has been busy. When she is finished with the two black & whites I recently posted, you'll see them right away. In the meantime, I found the above  cartoon and realized I never displayed it here. Telemarketers!  Ugh!  I understand people have to make money, but solicitors selling things over the phone are so annoying. They call at the worst times and not once have I purchased from them. Typically, they are pushing things I don't need and some are blatant con artists. Looks like Dusty agrees :))

February 27, 2019

Another Black & White...

The person who colors my cartoons has been busy, but she should have the last one I posted and this one finished soon. Make sure you check back :)) -Tom

February 23, 2019

Breakfast With My Daughter...And Some Birds!

Happy Saturday, everyone! Each morning, I go to the beach before work and have breakfast. If you scroll down this page and look on the left side, you'll see a sunrise photo I took where I go. When winter began, I started filling a container of bread for the seagulls that hang out in the area. Over the months, more and more gulls have congregated there because I guess word got out food is dropped off daily.  These birds are smart. They sit on the water and watch car after car go by.  However, when they see my black Kia Optima drive up, they quickly fly off the water and glide close to my moving vehicle to get their meal.  I actually have to open my window as I am driving and dump the bread quickly because they get a bit  I told my daughter what I do and she wanted to see for herself. Armani is an animal lover, so she woke up early today to join me.  The birds did not disappoint. They did exactly what they do every day and, in fact, when I opened my window to dispense the bread, a few of  them flew so close to us, it  appeared they were going to fly in the car! Armani enjoyed herself and so did I :))

February 18, 2019

In Black & White......

My colorizer always does a nice job, so I can't wait to see this cartoon when it's finished. Once completed, I will post it pronto!  I just got in the office. In the US, it's Presidents' Day, so most banks are closed, no mail is delivered, and schools have it off.  Some offices are off too (there was very little traffic driving to work), so today shouldn't be busy. I hope all my readers have a relaxing day as well. See ya'! -Tom

February 12, 2019


Thursday is Valentine's Day and Dusty, once again, is trying to capture Bunny's heart. She's a tough one though! I think she could have rejected him just a little softer.  Anyway, I hope everyone has an enjoyable V-Day. Don't forget to shower your loved ones with lots of hugs, kisses, and, of course, chocolate. This year, I have two mom and daughter :))