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May 15, 2020

A Message To My Readers...(Updated 6/17/20...See Below)

Although I am taking a break from cartooning, I still add content to my site. I even post commentary when I have something to now. Next week, I am getting a tattoo on my chest (by my heart). What's cool is my daughter, Armani, is getting the same tattoo on her arm! Armani came into my life when she was two and years later, I adopted her. We have always had a special bond. On the adoption day, I gave her an infinity ring. With this in mind, we are getting infinity tattoos, with the adoption date in them, as an expression of the bond we share. Armani doesn't live in my area, so we are going to FaceTime while the tattoo is being designed. Once we agree upon the artwork, I'm getting it inked! Next time Armani comes to visit, she is going to get it inked as well. We're stoked! 6/17/20 Update! Armani visited and got her tattoo today 😊