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June 12, 2019

The Seagulls Are Gone....Except One!

I enjoy going to the local beach for breakfast and to feed the seagulls that frequent the area. In the winter, a flock would fly off the water when they saw my car to get their meal. Now that summer is here and food is plentiful, the flock is gone except for one bird, with distinctive markings, I call "Peg."  The reason I named the bird Peg is because when she was with the flock, she had a fishing line wrapped around a foot, causing her to limp (like she had a peg leg). I tried coaxing Peg with food to get close so I could free her from her binds, but it didn't work.  Over the months, I would see Peg and on one day, I noticed the fishing line was gone! This made me happy, but her foot was damaged. Fast forward to the present. Out of all the birds I was feeding, it's cool the only one that still waits for me is the one I tried to rescue.  I'm happy to report Peg's foot has totally healed which makes me smile 😊