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December 17, 2018


The universe has always fascinated me. For example, it's mind boggling how planets form by dust particles (lots of them!!) bonding together from gravity's pull.  Armani and I once took a long car ride to a "dark sky" park in Pennsylvania to stargaze. The viewing was ideal because the park is in an area where there is little light. We booked a hotel in town, but decided to sleep in the car at the park to enjoy the cosmic display throughout the evening. Sleeping in the car was so uncomfortable (lol...cramped and cold!!), but it was worth it.  To see things like the Milky Way in full view, the rings of Saturn through a telescope, and the Space Station cruising overhead, was very cool.  I would love to travel around the world to areas where stargazing is optimum. Sounds like a "bucket list" adventure to me! Hey, can anyone name the Elton John song the speck is singing in this cartoon? I'm sure you can 🎜🎝🎝🎜