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April 13, 2018

Sorry Mom & Dad...

My parents are over eighty and yes, they can operate a TV remote.  They get confused about which buttons to press at times, but they manage.  Regarding their driving?  I won't get into that :)) Speaking of driving, Armani and I are taking a trip this Sunday to Washington DC and on Monday, she is touring Catholic University (a school she would like to attend). It's about a five hour ride to DC, but we don't mind. We are going to put on some tunes and hit the road!  Oh, the owner of the place where I work got us a nice hotel room in the heart of DC, so that will be cool. We hope to do a little sightseeing when we are there; it should be fun :)) After our college tour on Monday, we are going to drive roughly six hours to South Carolina to visit Coastal Carolina University (another school Armani likes). Myrtle Beach is close to the school, so I booked a hotel right on the beach.  We are going to spend two nights there. We can't wait to unwind for a few days under the sun!  By the way, while I am gone, someone is staying at my house to watch it.  I say this in case there are any thieves out there thinking they can break into my home while I am!  It's not going to happen. Anyway, I am bringing my laptop with me and will be checking emails, so if you write, I should be able to respond (got that, Pam-Pam?).  Bon voyage!