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April 16, 2018

Hello From DC!

Armani and I made it to DC in 4 1/2 hours yesterday!  We got an early start from Connecticut because to get to DC from where I live, you have to drive through the New York area which can get congested with traffic as the day goes on (particularly over the George Washington Bridge). We had no problem at all :))  Today she is touring Catholic University....should take about an hour.  After the tour, we are going to hit the road and continue down to Myrtle Beach.  Tomorrow she will be checking out Coastal Carolina University which is roughly twenty minutes from our hotel. Last year when I had to oversee the Florida office where I work, I rented a Dodge Challenger (a pretty cool "muscle" car).  This time, there is no need to rent a car because I have my own wheels.  It's not a muscle car, but it's a comfortable ride which is fine by me 👍