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November 11, 2017

Hi Everyone.....

The next cartoon should be finished shortly.  Once received from my colorizer, I will post it asap :))   The cartoon I will be posting is the winner of the drawing we held a few week's back. Cindy from Riverside, California was the lucky contestant :)) I can't wait to post the cartoon so she can see how her idea came out. On a side note, I am going to be working with my artist, Terrice, on illustrating the children's book I wrote called "A Message from Dust Speck's - You are Special." I describe the book on the left side of this page.  I believe if I print a bunch of the books, I can market and sell them.  As some of you know, I work for a commercial real estate firm and, therefore, have connections with retailers in the area who would let me put the book in their stores.  I also plan to approach agents for representation.  Who knows, maybe this will be the start of something big! While Terrice and I work on the book, we will be taking a break from preparing new cartoons. However, I will post an "oldie" now and then and will periodically show you how the book is progressing. In the meantime, thanks for all your kind (and many times funny) emails and for your support. Peace. -Tom