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July 14, 2017

Off To Florida!!

I have to go to Florida tomorrow for a week on business, so I may not post a cartoon until I return (I will try though). While I am gone, I will still be checking emails, so if anyone would like to reach out to me, you will most likely get a response. Until Dust Specks hits the big time 😀, I have a day job for income. I work in commercial real estate for a firm that manages and leases properties throughout Connecticut and Florida. My employer is going away for a week, so he asked me to oversee his Florida office. He also asked me to take care of his dog and watch his house while he is gone. It should be a fun trip because my daughter will be with me the entire time and we are staying at my employer’s house which is on the water and is within walking distance of Las Olas Blvd (a lively street with lots to do and where our office is located). Hey, this is pretty cool; my daughter is getting paid for the week because she is going to help around the office 👍 It should be a good experience for her and a fun time all around. Bon voyage!