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July 10, 2017

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The above is an old cartoon that was never colorized. I thought you may like to see it in color while waiting for the next cartoon.  Fun fact....this is how the process works between my artists and me: Almost every week, I write a script describing what I want drawn and how I would like the dialog to read.  I then email the script to my illustrator (Terrice Kimble) and he draws the cartoon. When Terrice is done, I either meet him to pick the cartoon up or he mails it to me through the postal service. The cartoon is then scanned and sent to my colorizer (Christina Savino) who emails it back me when she is finished. After a few final touches (i.e. inserting the title, copyright symbol, etc.), I post it!  The process goes smoothly, especially because I have two talented and reliable people to work with :))