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August 04, 2016

The First Dust Specks Cartoon!

This is the first Dust Specks strip I created. As I explain in the description of this cartoon (see above left side), I thought of Dust Specks one day when I was lying on my bed. When I looked at my nightstand, I noticed dust on it (sunlight was shinning through my bedroom window onto my nightstand which illuminated the dust). Immediately, the concept of Dust Specks entered my mind and within minutes, I wrote the above cartoon. One problem though, I can't draw. Instead of throwing in the towel, I placed an ad in a local newspaper and began working with several illustrators until I met Terrice Kimble (I have worked exclusively with Terrice ever since). In the beginning, the cartoon did not have a set cast of characters and it was in black and white only.  Over time, a cast was developed and I connected with a colorizer (Christina Forbes) to bring color to the strip, Dust Specks has come a long way from its inception as you will soon see 👀