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February 10, 2019

My DNA Results Are In (Updated)...

On December 28th, I mentioned how I was going to get a DNA test to determine where my ancestors are from. Well, I did and the findings are in! I met my brother at my parent's house and we looked at the online data together.  The service that did the testing (MyHeritage) determined, as expected, I am primarily Italian from southern Italy. I get this from my dad's side of the family and from my mother's dad. The part that was different than what we anticipated were the results stemming from my grandmother on my mom's side.  We always knew Russia was her homeland because her family spoke the language and practiced Russian culture. However, MyHeritage indicates my grandmother's family apparently settled somewhere in the Balkans, which includes  countries such as Albania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Kosovo, and Romania (to name a few). It was awesome finding out new things about myself!  I am so glad I did it 😊