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November 20, 2018

Done For The Week!

Yep, no work for me until Monday! In the United States, Thanksgiving is on Thursday and most  people don't have to work. The owner of our company gave us Wednesday and Friday off too :)) So, I can chill for five days in a row! My daughter Armani and I always go to my cousin Gina's on Thanksgiving. This year, however, Armani is going to her boyfriend's house. I understand, but she will be missed.  Also, my cousin Billy and his wife can't make it either. They live in Florida which isn't a long flight, but because they were recently up this way for their wedding, the trip would be a little hectic for them. Even though there will be some people absent, the day will still be enjoyable. I can't wait to see my cousin Adam's daughter (she just turned two in October); what a cutie! Oh, I should be getting the next cartoon back from my colorizer soon, so stayed tuned! -Tom