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March 31, 2022

A Message To My Readers...

As some of you know, I update this top post periodically when a thought comes to mind. Since some of you email me asking how Armani is doing, here's something that just came up; I am going to Vegas in July with her!  Armani turns twenty-one on July 14th, so we are going to "Sin City" to celebrate. I booked a room at Paris Las Vegas, plan to hit a show or two and, of course, we will do some gambling. I am super psyched and so is she :)) On a side note, I am sorry I haven't posted new cartoons lately, but I have been busy with other things (all good).  Someday, I may create more comics. If I do, there could be artwork changes. Is the suspense killing you?! In the meantime, feel free to scroll through the pages for a possible laugh or two. You can also message me under my pic on the left (best done from a computer), send an email to, or text me @ +1 203 952-5977. Thanks! -Tom