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February 19, 2021

A Message From Me...

It's snowing again in Connecticut! Ugh! Don't get me wrong, I enjoy snow to a point (like around the holidays), but the summer months are when I'm most content. In the past, I would take a trip to an island this time of year to break things up. However, with Covid (I really hate that word), traveling has been on hold. Someday, I plan to move to a warm weather place. Who knows, maybe California :))  An Armani update! She is still living in North Carolina and is doing great. She began applying to colleges and got a few acceptances. It's an exciting time for her which makes me smile :)) Finally, I'm still taking a break from cartooning, but I update this top post periodically, so check back when you can.  Also, feel free to contact me with your thoughts. You can message me under my pic, send an email to:, or text/call my cell (but not too late!): +1 (203) 952-5977.  Thanks! -Tom