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January 14, 2021

A Message To My Readers...

I hope all is well and that everyone's 2021 has started off in a positive way :)) If you are new to this site, I am taking a break from cartooning, but I update this top post periodically and content in general. Check back when you can because you never know what you may find. As of now, I primarily use this site to display cartoons for marketing purposes and for anyone who wants to scroll through the pages to get a laugh. I have connected with many people over the years which has made my journey enjoyable and rewarding. With that said, feel free to contact me with your thoughts. I always like receiving feedback so I can  continually improve on Dust Specks. There are four ways you can contact me: message me under my pic,,, or text/call (but not late at night!): +1 (203) 952-5977.  Thanks for all your support and keep smiling! -Tom