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May 10, 2019

In Black & White...

Here's another one in black & white before it is colored. Today is a gorgeous day in Connecticut! Spring is definitely here (finally). Last week we had rain almost every day and it was chilly. Today makes up for all the bad weather :))  I had to leave the office early today to finalize a lease deal about 45 minutes from where I work. So, I was able to open my sunroof and enjoy the ride! Btw, I got the deal done ;-)  While I was driving, I saw a boat for sale. "Hmm, a boat," I thought. "That would be so cool owning one." I live on the shoreline, so I am minutes from the water. Cruising around Long Island Sound would be awesome. Hey, if I do buy one, I will have to give it a name, right? Maybe I'll call it "Dust Specks." Send me a message with your suggestions (keep it!). -Tom