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December 10, 2018

A Message To Pam-Pam...

Hi, Pam-Pam!  How's my Wacky Banana doing? Good I hope. By the way, do you still say, "Holy Bananas?" Holy Bananas! You make me smile :))  I forgot why I was writing.....oh, yeah, I remember. Christmas is coming. Since you didn't get me anything for my birthday (boooo!), I am confident you will  make up for it with an awesome Christmas gift (yeahhh!). I don't want to sit around waiting to find out what it is, so tell me. Yes, tell me. I want to know! Come on, spit it out...what did you get me?!! Telllll Meeeee!!!!! Ok, be that way, you stubborn girl! I am patient. I can wait until we exchange gifts. Exchanging gifts with you would be great! I picture us giving each other heartwarming presents we both would love and funny ones too (like the bracelet I said I would buy you for your birthday with a banana charm hanging from it). You would buy me something like a Crazy Ninja doll that kicks and shouts when you press a button. Or, maybe you'd make me a month's supply of Ciorba! Yum! By the way, I am certain my Ciorba is better than yours! Ha! Ok, I am sure yours is better, but mine, without a doubt, comes in a close second! That's all for now, Pam-Pam. Keep smiling :)) oxoxotommy