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October 11, 2018

Cough. Cough!!

Let me tell you something about myself. I can deal with a lot of things; I can handle the stresses of work; I can face the challenges of parenting; I can even step into the dojo where I practice karate and fight anyone. However, when I get a cold, I become the biggest baby around! I mean it. I hate every stage of a cold.  First comes the dreaded scratchy throat (ugh!!!). Then the stuffed-up nose with the sinus pressure and hacking cough (oh, no!!!). Finally, everything begins to break-up and drain, but the feeling of being in a thick fog prevails (where am I??!). Good thing for me I am at the final stage of this hell, so the end is near. But for the last week, I wish I was in a ring fighting a 230 pound opponent instead of facing the cold I have been up against.  Like I said, I am the biggest baby around when I am under the weather, so your "get well" emails would be appreciated :)) Oh, I almost forgot; my colorizer (Christina) is super busy at work, so she won't have the next cartoon finished for about a week. I may post some other things before then, but the cartoon which is a follow-up to the last one won't be seen for a few days. Until then...cough, cough....time for some chicken soup. -Tom