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March 04, 2018

A Message To Pam-Pam...

Hey Pam-Pam, I'm sitting here on a Sunday afternoon and had a thought. Do you want to come over and watch a movie with me? Do you? Do you? Do you? Now look what you've done! You got me all excited!  Did you say "yes?"  Wooohoooooo!!! Come on over!!! Pam-Pam shows up at Crazy Ninja's door :))  Tommy gives her a HUGE hug!  He is so happy to see her! First, let's make some popcorn. Or, if you want, I can take a ride to the local store (the same store I had to repurchase an onion after I mushed the first one in the food processor while making your soup) and buy whatever snacks you want. Just tell me what you would like and I will get it for you. The popcorn is good enough? Ok, let me know if you change your mind. You pick the movie. Not any movie, you wacky banana! I am not in the mood for a "girl meets boy" flick, so other than that, it is your call.  I will close my eyes while you make your selection. Before you do, let me light the fireplace to set the mood. This is so perfect! You and me watching a movie on a cozy couch in front of a fire while eating buttered popcorn together. What could be better than this? Tommy turns to Pam-Pam, kisses her on the cheek, and smiles. Pam-Pam smiles back. No words have to be spoken :))

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