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November 26, 2017

Pam-Pam Soup (actual photo of what I made)

The only thing missing at our Thanksgiving Day table was a Romanian dish I refer to as "Pam-Pam Soup" (it's true name is Ciorba).  I heard about this soup from a special girl who I call (you guessed it) Pam-Pam (I also call her Wacky Banana, amongst other things, but that's beside the point). Let me explain how much this girl means to me by saying this; I don't cook. Ask my daughter, Armani. Heck, ask anyone in my family. I just don't cook. Regardless, I spent four hours chopping onions (I actually put the first onion in a food processor and it turned to mush!), dicing carrots, slicing tomatoes, cutting potatoes, rolling meatballs, and combining a variety of other ingredients (including noodles) at just the right time to make one of the most delicious soups I ever tasted. Even though it took hours to prepare and I mushed an onion (by the way, I had to drive to the store to get another one), I enjoyed every moment of making the soup because I knew I was preparing it for Pam-Pam. She really is a special person who I keep close to my heart. Come to think of it, there were two things missing at our Thanksgiving Day table...the soup and  Pam-Pam herself :))  -Tommy

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